So, in light of that, I started to write a novel that is a companion to the game (novel idea?) My thought is, write 1000 words a day about the baby and his teddy bear and their struggle to get the toys back from the Robot Puppy dogs… and tell the story through making the platformer.  I think they will go nicely hand in hand.  So, when I’m done, I will have walked us both through the experience of creating a platform game and a novel, and publishing them both.  Fun stuff.  And, I’m giving myself two more months.

So, on the reality side of everything, I have commitments: a baby, and a job, and I go to university… and, I would like to spend time with my wife as well.  So, in order to meet the requirements of this project, I need to multi-task and find more time.  As such, I’ve amended my normal wake up time.  I was getting up at 6:30 on MWF and 5:30 on TR.  From now on, I’m going to get up at 4am.  Boom… just found some more time.

In that newfound time, I’m going to code and do game art and take screen shots.  In between classes at school, I’ll put those screen shots together into a blog post and keep up to date with my trials and tribulations.  As the page says, this is the ramblings of an indie game developer… so, you might expect more rambling.

Anyway, hope you enjoy and come along for the ride.  I’ll be letting people know about my post on reddit and twitter and Facebook.  Follow me on twitter if you want to update when the next posts is ready.  I hope you enjoy and find some take away from this experience for your own aspirations.